about us

We are a small business based in Sydney Australia and we specialise in creating a space, a time and a place where you can experience something spectacular! 

From such a young age, our founder Rachel Morton has loved creating ‘amazing races’ and ‘murder mysteries’ for her friends. She loved how it connected people and solidified friendships in such a unique and entertaining way that becoming an event planner was only a matter of time. She started with weddings and engagements and has now expanded into designing events she’s loved since childhood. 

Bb Events promises to deliver a new and unique event for you every. single. time! We cater to all kinds of groups from friends and family, to charity events to your corporate team. Whatever event you desire from us – we can make it happen! Our team is dedicated to making your experience with us as entertaining, as fruitful and as original as possible. You will not find another event company like ours.

Seeing big smiles on our clients’ faces is what we live for. If we haven’t left you saying to yourself “that was amazing!” or “that was so much fun” – then we haven’t done our job. 

Trust us with your event and you’ll leave with a buzz!

Let's make people happy, together

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