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escape room boxes

Love escape rooms? Love to solve puzzles?

Well with our boxes you’ll be able to enjoy the mystery and cleverness of an escape room anywhere!

Our boxes are designed to be portable and shared between 2-6 players where you’ll have 1 hour to figure out a way to ‘escape’ the situation. You start by reading the introduction before you start the timer and open the first envelope. You’ll then need to find a code to be able to move onto the next envelope. Once you’ve completed all 3 envelopes in under an hour – you win!

To complete an envelope, we can provide you with a locked box containing the next envelope to create a more immersive experience or we can provide you with the answers and have your team come to you with the code before you give them their next envelope. If you’d like to elevate this further, we can turn the box into an actual escape room at a location of your choice. Eg. an office space or a lounge room. We add more locked boxes and scatter clues around the location. The choice is yours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the boxes?

It’s a race to escape in under an hour!

How much does this cost?

Boxes come in at different prices starting from $175 which is about $30pp for 6 players.

How many people do these boxes cater for?

Ideal player count is 4 per box but it can be played between 2-6 players.

Do you ship these?

Yes we do! It ships within 5 days of ordering.

Can you escape the room?

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