about our races

These races are personally created and customised for YOU.

We are a full service. This means we scout the locations, chat to bars and restaurants, create puzzles, hire actors etc… to ensure that your race is of the highest quality.

Before the big day we practice the race and rehearse the scenes to make sure we haven’t missed any details and to ensure it’ll run smoothly. (Google maps is not always correct so this is an important step for us).

Then on the day we plant the clues, we moderate the challenges and we oversee the event. We want you to have fun and know that we will take care of everything.

Our goal is to make this a spectacular day for you and your players. We want to connect people through events.

Amazing Race vs Secret Agents

The objective for the Amazing Race is to complete the race FIRST. You’ll be separated into teams and be given clues, puzzles and challenges that will lead you to the end of the race. Tasks will include physical, mental and social challenges.

For Secret Agents your objectives are different. You’ll complete tasks in order to ‘find and defuse a bomb’ or ‘your captain has been kidnapped – find him’. The challenges, puzzles and clues are more geared towards a Secret Agent theme. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the race actually work?

On the day, everyone will get separated into teams and each team will receive their first challenge. Once completed they will receive their next clue that will lead them to another place and/or challenge and so on and so forth. Challenges can be anything from physical tasks to mind bending puzzles to hunting for a particular item or location. 

For example, clues can look like this: “Teams must make their way to Circular Quay and find a man named Hank who serves Fish and Chips. Hank will provide you with a package. Choose ONE team member to eat the whole package in under a minute. If you are successful, Hank will give you your next clue.” 

The first team to reach the end location first is the Winner! Everyone will be able to relax, socialise and party at the end location whilst waiting for other teams to arrive so there is no rush to complete it.

How long are the races?

Depends on how long you’d like the races to go for. We can make it go for 3 hours to up to 6 hours – it’s custom made for you so whatever you like we can do. Ideally, we find that a whole day is the best but it’s up to you.

How many people do you cater for?

Any size works for us. It’s all customisable so depending on how many players you have we will adapt the game to it.

How much does this cost?

After our consultation, we send over a quote which will break down the entire budget in detail. This is so we can work out how elaborate you’d like the race to be. Did you want a private driver? Would you like to add some hiking as well? There’s much to consider.

For the base game of the Amazing Race we start from about $80pp. This covers our time building the race, creating puzzles, buying and creating props, writing coded messages, working and negotiating with other business owners and much more.

How far in advance should we book this?

There’s quite a lot of details that need to be set up for a race of this calibre so we would prefer a few weeks in advance. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

What if something goes wrong?

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned (#life). However, we always have a Plan B for every situation and we put into place some safety precautions . For example, when signing in for the race we place a GPS tracker on a player from each team so we know where everyone is at all times. Then at almost every stop, one of our team members will have an eye on your team as they go through the challenge. Each team will also have our HEAD EVENT PLANNER’s contact number if anything arises. Please note that these precautions will vary and change depending on the age group and the size of the race.

Furthermore, we do run the race beforehand which always airs out any problems and issues which we fix before you run the race yourselves. We diligently take every measure to minimise the risk and errors in the race. 

Let's build a race together.

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